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Friday, September 24, 2010

Guest Boys Party Feature - Star Wars Party

Our second boy party feature has to be the most unique and creative 1st birthday that I have ever seen. This party has blown us away....to another galaxy...... let us introduce to you a 'Star Wars Party' for little Aniken....yes that is right Aniken.... named after the star wars character. Vesna (mum of the birthday boy) and owner of the creative My Little Jedi put this brilliant, show stopping party together recently for her little man. The design detail and creativity has really impressed us, and I am sure you will agree that is nothing short of amazing.
Candy Soirees was honoured and so excited when Vesna contacted us to create a chocolate wrapper design for her son's candy buffet.....I had so much fun putting these together for Aniken's party.

The combination of colours work really well with this theme, love the way Vesna captured the true star wars theme, yet interpreted into a boys party theme to suit all ages.

That cake is sensational....love the cupcakes and off course we love the choc bars too :)

All the details are out of this world...too many to mention, the party hats are super cute, the wookie cookies are so clever and love those personalised party bags.

Now this you will agree is brilliant, each little guest received a Jedi certificate (genious) and there were fun
Light sabers to play with.....love it!

And off course young little Jedi Master himself in his cool red hoodie.....Happy 1st Birthday Aniken.....you are one very lucky boy.

Thanks Vesna for letting us be a part of your son's birthday and for allowing us to share these photos with our followers....job well done mummy and can't wait to see what you come up with for Aniken's 2nd birthday.


  1. Thank you gorgeous girl for featuring Anikens 1st bday party. We were honored to have Candy Soirees at Anikens party. Everyone loved the choc bars and choc pops! You did a fantastic job, love you work! xx :)

  2. I love this party, the colours are wonderful. Well done Vesna :)


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