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Monday, September 27, 2010

Carnival Extravaganza...created with love for my precious boys

Well...well...it has been a very busy time here at candy soirees, mainly because I was working on a very personal project.....my 2 boys combined 'carnival' birthday party. My big boy Luke turned 4 in August and my baby Alexander turns 2 next week.....so off to the carnival we all went to celebrate both birthdays....like I always say to my boys.....'sharing is caring'

Here are some shots of the event......enjoy xx

The Carnival Candy Buffet....the children were in candy heaven.

The table was adorned with a selection of colourful and delicious candy, fizzy stick, jaffas, yummy bananas, colourful gumballs and what's a carnival with out pop corn and cotton candy???

There was a display of carnival designed drum boxes (from candy soirees) decorated with red pom poms, displayed on a red cardboard 3 tier cake stand......there were little choc surprises inside for the kids.

At the back of the table I featured 3 tall carnival trumpets which the kids had heaps of fun with (ouch to our ears).....there were colourful yoyos to chose from and a yummy selection of cupcakes wrapped in carnival wrappers. (cup cake toppers from candy soirees)

Our little business candy soirees, is now supplying these delicious alphabet cookies so I just had to have them for the boys party 'L' for Luke and 'A' for Alex. Ohhhhh and I mention earlier the cotton candy.... I packed these in gorgeous and fun candy stripe paper bags.

We had to have 2 cakes off course, delicious mud cake with a rendered look cream ganache on the outside from the very talented Vicky at Dolce Fantasia cakes. I decided to decorate these myself with pom pom cake buntings that I made, one in red and the other in yellow....and simply added jaffas to the base of the cake and decorated with cute clown toppers and circus theme figurines.

We catered for 40 kids...YES 40  kids.....we set up a very long row of tables (banquet style) and dressed them with red table cloths, layered with blue and white stripe paper table runner. The table was decorated with flower balloons in pots and glass jars and the kids ate from gorgeous spotty paper plates and cups.

We also had a separate adult table with macaroons, sandwiches and other little treats.
Loooove these ABC cups that I decorated with yellow chrysanthemums.
Glass soda and water bottles were individually labelled and decorated with colourful twine.

I would like to say a big thank you to the following:

My Little Jedi : for the clever ABC cups and Divine Twine
Giggleberry: for the stunning and fun carnival bunting
Little Sooti : for my ever so stunning cake stand
Mon Tresor: for the candy stripe bags, 3 tier cake stand  (red)
Sambellina: for the the cute spotty party ware (also available at candy soirees)
The lovely ladies at the Cupcake wrapper co. for the circus wrappers and and the clown cake toppers
The gorgeous Loula from Children's Lighting for making the cup cakes....they were absolutely delicious.

thanks again for your lovely product .....

And a very special thanks to the 3 special men in my life....My Husband ....and my two little munchkins Luke and Alexander.....everything you see here was created for the love of my boys.....the look on their face when they walked into their party was priceless xxxx


  1. Oh Niki just a gorgeous post!! You are a very talented mummy & your boys are very lucky to have been adorned with such creativity!! I am glad the cupcakes were a hit!! This is by far the most fun party I have seen to date xx

  2. Just gorgeous Niki, great attention to detail hun :) WOW 40 kids!!!!!!

  3. Oh Niki, you are a SUPER mum! I love every single detail of this party. I am glad that i could help with the little details {abc cups and divine twine}. You boys must be so proud to have such a talented mummy! Well done love, and i am so honored to have your precious boys party featured on our blog. Happy birthday Luke and Alexander! xx

  4. Niki as I've said before this was an amazing Party theme...loved every bit of it.your boys are very lucky to have one talented mama like yourself.Loved it!! XX

  5. Hi Niki, found you via Little Sooti - this is just so ridiculously gorgeous - I am an awe of your fabulousness!! Followed for you, wishing you all the best with your business, Come visit me @ http://louandjane.blogspot.com/ (you'll love the ballet party pics). I'm off to check out the rest of your blog - and I'll come visit you again soon, Jane:)

  6. Thank you everyone for your lovely comments, and thank you Jane :) just popped over to your blog and had a peek at your ballet party pics....which has me in AWE......brilliant work, just gorgeous xxxx


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