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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Do you mind whilst we change ..........

It has been a while since we posted on our little blog.....I have been so busy and so much has been happening at candy soirees and personally. Soooo I would like to take the opportunity to let you all know about our exciting developments here at CS.

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who has followed and supported candy soirees over the last year or so, what started out as a little hobby and personal creative therapy with little business direction has turned out to be more of an actual business venture (quite unintentionally might I add). After a year of playing with this and dabbling in that, we have decided to actually sit down and create a 'Grown up' candy soirees with proper direction and a formal business plan.

In addition to this, some of you might know that I have been battling ill health....a hospital trip.....some not so good news and all whilst trying to raise two beautiful but active little boys.....which has lead me to make some firm changes in my work life....changes that will give me clear direction and more time enjoying life and my family.

Having said all this I can't completely unveil the future of CS just yet, but I can reveal that we are working on our own 'candyware' range.....a party favour range of pretty candy boxes and sweet bags that can be purchased at retail but will also be offered at wholesale. Wholesale being a direction we are keen to take.
{images from candy soirees}

We are also working on a new box design targeted for christenings/baptisms and special occasions, these will be offered at wholesale to all christening and wedding specialists and retailers. (currently under development,design will be revealed soon )

We will continue to range our invitation packs with new and exciting styles on offer, these will also be available for wholesale purchase. Our chocolate bar favours will always be a part of candy soirees as this is what we started our business with and is our signature product, however we will take more time to bring you new and exciting designs and will also offer a select printable range in the wrappers.

{Alice in wonderland chocolate favour by candy soirees}

As for our beloved dessert tables and candy buffet styling , we will continue to offer a styling service but we will only take on a certain amount of these projects per year (at this stage). We are focusing on a new styling concept for retailers, offering our candy tables as a merchandising tool for boutique stores with in Melbourne. We will not be styling entire events (other than selected dessert tables) we will NOT offer custom design and made to order stationery and party decor (ie party buntings, cupcake toppers, custom design food labels etc) and we will not be offering to create wedding and christening bonbonniere. These items will only be offered when we are styling a sweets table for clients.

Retail merchandising by candy soirees for a Melbourne
Christening and Wedding boutique

Finally, our online shop is business as usual, Whilst we are streamlining our range, we will continue to stock brands that we have an immense respect for and feel are in line with the candy soirees branding : ie Sambellina, Robert Gordon and some independent overseas suppliers, however whilst we are focusing on a wholesale offer, we are also excited to be adding our own candy soirees 'candyware' range, and a select range of hard to find candy for your dessert stations.....to our online shoppe.

So we hope you don't mind if we take some time to focus on our new range and design some new and exciting goodies for your next soiree.

Thank you all for your amazing support
with love
candy soirees xx

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