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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spring Garden Party

It is a sunny day today in Melbourne (surprisingly) and it feels like spring is around the corner.

Candy soirees has been working on new themes for children's birthday parties.....and I think.... given the beautiful day it is today, it is time to introduce one of our latest little projects {just a wee peek}

New party theme: The Garden Party. Simple and so much fun....you can create a gardening activity for the kids by purchasing inexpensive little terracotta pots and mini little plants or seeds and have the kids paint and decorate their pots......and once the little artist work is dry they can plant the flower of their choice...

So much fun.....and creative....

Garden Party Invite by candy soirees {coming soon}

Here are some inspiring images I found on hostess {with the mostess}
see here for more gorgeous photos of this garden party

Looking forward to the spring weather and some outdoor fun.....enjoy !

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  1. loving these Niki, cant wait to see the whole range xx


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