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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ROLL UP ROLL UP........for CARNIVAL fun.

It is Master Luke's 4th birthday in 10 days and he has requested a Carnival Birthday Party....(Master Luke being my eldest boy). His party will be held at the end of the month....Phew....that gives me a little more time.

So I am on the hunt for new and inspirational ideas to make this party very special for my number one little man......We have found a venue, (our house is on the verge of some major renovations....so home was not an option)......and today we found some fun games for the carnival.....

We paid a visit to our local little toy store in Mont Albert,Windmill Toys, I love this store because they have the most adorable wooden toys and it has such a vintage and nostalgic feel.......and I always find what I am looking for. Have a look at these junior 'Quoits'.... I love these and the kids are going to have so much fun.
We also couldn't leave with out traditional and colour full Juggling balls, I think the kids are going to love trying to master the art of Juggling.


We were very happy with our little purchase today and it was a start to what is proving to be a big event for my Lukey. The search continues.......

How gorgeous is this vintage cart, Oh if could get my hands on one I would love to use it for the dessert buffet.....and I think a traditional popcorn machine is a must.

Popcorn bags and Fairy floss bags from i love parties

Love this vintage pin the tail on the donkey game also from i love parties

And my favourite find today.....these adorable must have stripe bags from oh Joy

Oh I can't wait to see the look on Luke's face when  he walks into his very own carnival......let's just hope I can piece it all together for my gorgeous boy. Happy birthday my little man xx

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