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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Come join us at the Ice cream parlour....

Spring is around the corner and we are thinking all things summery and colourful. A very big trend in the US at the moment are the ever so popular candy and dessert buffets, Perfected by the very talented and sought after NY event stylist Amy Altas . But something new and delectable has made an entrance into the party world.....Ice cream Parlour parties and candy soirees loves this idea. So we introduce to you the Ice scream parlour soirees, Perfect for all ages....kids parties and adult events. This is a must for this summers entertaining.

Let us introduce our Summer ice cream parlour invite.....due to be launched in October:
We will also be offering matching gift tags for party favours...too cute for words.

What's more exciting is that we have found a fabulous cake designer who has wonderful and innovative ideas and will be working with us to design and create cakes that will match our invitation themes. We will be offering the famous and yummy ice cream cakes on a cone (contact us for more information)....you may have seen these at Bakerella....amazing!

The options are endless for an ice cream party, guests can join in on the fun and create their own super delicious sundaes.... with endless ice cream combinations.

Here is some inspiration from eat drink chic by Amy Moss This ice cream parlour is amazing...you will be wowed!!!!!!

Enjoy your summer entertaining xx

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  1. This theme is amazing, fabulous, divine! Love every detail.. great post xx


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