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Saturday, March 12, 2011

I scream, you scream, we all scream AHOY ice cream!!!

Today on this glorious warm summers day ..... we styled and set up a little pirate party for a sweet little boy who is turning 1. The theme is pirate, and the treat was an ice cream parlour. Little Aidyn had a candy buffet for his Christening so mum wanted something different for the little guests to enjoy.....So ice cream parlour it was. Aidyn is such a lucky little boy, his parents went to so much effort to make it special for him, dad even built an amazing ice cream stand that was the feature of the party.
Happy Birthday Captain Aidyn, hope you and your little Pirates have a fabulous party.

The Pirate Invitation designed by candy soirees, was the inspiration for the party

Aidyn's Ice cream parlour

Fabric Bunting made by the wonderful Giggleberry Creations

All the little pirates received fabric polka dot pirate bandannas and fabric eye patches.
A special thank you to the lovely Natalie from Sweetpea Princess for making the eye patches.
Our little parties were also treated to a box of goodies, with captain sharky water pistols, gold coin chocolates and Treasure maps and activity stickers.

Paper Lanterns supplied by candy soirees.
A Vintage treasure chest was filled with pool fun games for all the kids to enjoy.

The pool was filled with fun 'Captain Sharky' Beach Balls

Pirate ship cake {organised by little Aidyn's mum} was designed around the invite we made.

We had so much fun putting this little party together for Aidyn, and love creating fun boys parties for all to enjoy.
Invitations and party decor supplied by Candy soirees.
Party tags, Favour boxes from Candy soirees
Ice cream from Trampoline Gelato {Chadstone}.
Bunting and polka dot bandannas from Giggleberry Creations
Fabric Pirate eye patches from Sweetpea Princess

Happy Soirees from candy soirees xx


  1. WOW!! What an absolutely gorgeous party Niki, you did an amazing job!! Was a pleasure to be a part of this xx

  2. Well done Niki - looks fabulous! Leanne xx

  3. Beautiful Niki great job :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous Niki.

  5. Look's fantastic Niki, well done!! I LOVE it xx

  6. This is the bomb! I love it, so beautifully executed. Fantastic, what a lucky little boy xx Monique

  7. Awww I lurrrrve trampoline ice cream. Their Iced vo-vo flavour takes me back to when I was a kid!
    This party looks positively adorable!


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