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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dream little Angel .....DREAM

We are honoured to share with you a very special event and dessert table in honour or a very special baby. Little Portia....or should I say our little angel Portia.
The lovely Anita from Cake Envy, one of my favourite vendors and most talented cake decorator/baker.....was kind enough and brave enough to allow candy soirees to share her story. A story that will leave you in tears but also in awe of the courage of a family who lost their precious daughter. Portia was indeed a beautiful little baby bought into this world with unfortunate circumstances.....she fought for her little life and stayed with her family long enough to capture their hearts but not long enough to share a life together. Portia sadly was taken at 40 weeks old.
' God not only sends special angels into our lives but sometimes he even sends them back again..............'

I admire Anita's strength to allow us to share her following words:

This precious party was put together in memory of our daughter Portia who would have turned one on 22 march 2011. Our baby girl was diagnosed with a number of severe heart conditions during our routine ultrasound at 34 weeks. Despite given grim hope that she would last the birth, she gave us 40 days of glorious memories which we will hold on to forever. Portia got to meet her grandparents, aunts and uncles and her two adoring sisters Sienna and Mia. Our world has changed forever, but we have learned to appreciate every day. Portia’s sisters and I thought it would be special to put together this celebration to share with our family to remember her short but memorable life. Remember our angel Portia Grimbos 22.3.2010 – 30.4.2010.

Beautiful cake and sweets designed and made by Anita.

 All the gorgeous labels, wrappers, party hats and decorations were made by Anita,
 I just adore this colour scheme, such happy colours for
little Portia.

A precious photo, holding Portia's loving memory stood at the table that was
put together to honour her 1st birthday and little life.

For me the most amazing thing about this dessert table is not the stunning sweets, nor the beautifully combined colours.....or the pretty pinwheels and tissue pom poms. For it is the act of one family coming
together to honour and remember their daughter/baby sister. The love that is poured into this little private event is admirable.

Furthermore, the strength of this family amazes me, and the fact that they allowed me to share their story will always remain as a highlight for me.

Thank you Anita (and family) may your little Angel always shine from above and may she always fill your heart with precious love and adoring memories.
Portia may you DREAM magical dreams always. xxxxx


  1. Oh Niki, this is an amazing story, thanks so much for sharing! xxx

  2. That's beautiful Niki - This is gorgeous and touching tribute to a beautiful baby girl- Portia. My heart goes out to you Anita and to all your family and Happy 1st Birthday Portia - hope she is sending lots of angel kisses down to you all, I have tears in my eyes..as our son Harry died as a newborn he was a beautiful big blonde chubby baby boy at St V's private in Melbourne.

    he would be three in April.
    Sending you lots of love your way Anita and Niki what a beautiful table in honour of Portiax

  3. Niki - thank you for sharing this special story - I am sure you know our story so this really touches my heart. Love and hugs to Anita and her family. To celebrate Portia like this is just wonderful. Love to you all. Leanne xx

  4. amazing story ..thanks for sharing niki..hugs to Anita & family such a beautiful thing to do in honor of a little angel..thinking of little Portia xx

  5. Thanks Niki for posting this stoty in such a respectful way .Anita my love my thoughts and prays are always with you :)xxxooo

  6. Thank you all for your beautiful comments. It does my family and I proud to be able to share Portia's story. There are many families out there who have their own tragic story, and my heart goes out to them. You never know how lucky you have it until tragedy strikes. Enjoy your little ones and life everyday as it is a gift. Thank you Niki from my family to yours, for this wonderful and moving story about our little angel. xx

  7. What a beautiful tribute for a gorgeous girl and her wonderful family. Our thoughts are always with you and your little Angel Portia.
    Lots of love
    Tracy xxx

  8. What a wonderful idea to celebrate your precious girl. I first seen the cake and then the details about the stationary being made in her honour. Please let me know when you get this designed and I will shout from the roof tops about it for you. Every moment is so special and you really don't know how lucky you are till you are tested with something so unexpected. You are brave for sharing Anita much love to you and your family xx

  9. Life is such a precious, yet cruel thing. Thank you for sharing this beautiful little girl's story...it really makes you put things into perspective. I couldn't begin to imagine the heartache of losing a child, at any age, let alone a newborn. Anita you are one strong and beautiful lady for sharing this story with Niki and all of us xo I am sure Portia is watching you everyday and is sending her love down to you too xo

  10. Thank you all for your beautiful comments, we do take things for granted.....I know I did until I had my second child which unfortunately was a very complicated pregnancy and birth.....but I am forever grateful that Alexander is now 2 years old and an adorable little boy full of life. We all need to reach out to those less fortunate and honour those little lives lost but never forgotten .... this is my little way of saying thank you to Anita for being so strong and thank you to Portia for teaching us all a very valuable lesson in life.
    Dream for ever littel Angel, spread your wings.....and enjoy your eternal youth xxxx

  11. This was just beautiful. I cried when I read this story having a little 18 month old girl.

    You did such a beautiful job and was such a lovely thing to do for such a precious angel who was lucky to be able to touch so many peoples hearts for such a short space of time.


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