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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Happy Birthday Alexander the Great......

Toady's post is not about eye candy, amazing buffets or parties, nor is it about cute chocolate bar favours and wedding bonbonniere. No, today is dedicated to my beautiful little man Alexander Peter, who turns 2 today.

Two years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed waiting for the birth of my second child. To cut a long story short, my gorgeous dad passed away in August and 2 days after his funeral my waters broke, I was only 25 weeks pregnant, I was hospitalised immediately and told that my baby would be delivered with in 3 days with a 50/50 chance of survival........miraculously I managed to hold on to him for another 2 months. Two months of sitting in hospital grieving for my father and waiting for the fate of Alexander to unfold. Two months with out my husband and my 2 year old son Luke......but I managed to get through it and was  determined to save my baby. October 7 Alexander Peter Lazos was born weighing only 2 kgs, the day was bitter sweet, as we almost lost him but although he was almost 9 weeks early, it was evident that Alexander earned is name and survived the worst. After some time in intensive care and then special care, Alex was finally home with us where he belonged.

So today's post a little bit of therapy for me and an opportunity to send out a special message to my family, Thank you to my amazing husband who at the time, managed to get through our house renovations, look after a 2 year old and visiting me in hospital every single day...sometimes twice a day.....it is days like this that I realise how lucky I am to have what I have....Thank you to my beautiful boy Luke for enduring such a difficult time without his mummy. And a very special thanks to my beautiful Dad for giving Alexander the best present anyone could give.......his soul!

Happy Birthday my precious boy......you are our special gift xxxx


  1. Happy birthday little man!! Wishing you a day full of giggles!!

  2. thanks Amy.....thanks for sending us 'giggles' xxxx

  3. Happy Birthday to sweet Alexander, he is a cutie! Hope you have a wonderful day celebrating his birthday.

    Katena xx

  4. Nikki you have made me cry,as i type this I'm wiping the tears from my eyes..gorgeous and beautiful post...you are very lucky women to have 3 beautiful men in your life..Happy birthday to Alexander and thanks for sharing this touching post XX
    pop by my blog anytime love to see you there some time :)

  5. Oh Niki, you are a super mum! I had tears in my eyes reading your post. I am sure your dad was looking out for you! Happy birthday to your gorgeous little man and i hope you all had a fantastic day! xx :)

  6. Sweetheart, what a testing time that was for you :( Alexander is adorable and I am sure you are right in saying your father shines through him x


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