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Friday, October 15, 2010

10 Things you didn't know about me

Tagged by the lovely Vesna from My little Jedi

1) When I was a little girl I used to look up at my dad and think he was the tallest man in the word.....until I grew up (  even so he still was the tallest man in the world to me)

2) I wanted to be a pilot at the age of 3......then I went to school and realised you need to be smart...

3) My weakness is bags....bags and more bags.

4) I am hopeless at applying makeup but love buying it

5) My biggest fear in life is not having my family around me and I loath cockroaches

6) My sister is my best friend and can not go a day with out talking to her (more than once)

7) When I was pregnant to my eldest....I craved donuts so much so that I began to look like one

8) I am addicted to coke zero ( so bad I know)

9) I don not have all the answers...despite of what my 4 year old thinks

10) I adore my kids and wouldn't change them for anything .... but I looooooove alone time (very rare these days....but I still hold hope that I will get an hour to myself sometime soon)

That is me in a nutshell....no real skeletons ....just little old me xx


  1. Love it Niki..thanks for sharing XX

  2. nice to learn more about you Niki - a fun game x

  3. Always fun finding out more about you! I love #1 & 10! FFF - Fabulous, fun, fantastic! xx

  4. Oh Niki we have so much in common it is not funny! Yes BAGS - can never have enough, coke zero - yes me too and that alone time - oh how I relate to that! Lovely to learn more about you. Leanne x


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