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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Party Favours....something sweet

Kids Party favours are becoming more and more creative these days....and the race is on to find the most unique and the cutest design for that special little soiree.....we have put together a few of our creations to inspire you for your child's next birthday party.....these are cute and inexpensive ways to please little guests and decorate your child's birthday table or candy buffet:

Here is an inexpensive yet cute little party favour for you to consider...clear little acetate boxes filled with lollies to match the theme and colour for your child's birthday party. This one we created for a little boys blue polka dot party.

If you are not much of a baker (like me) and can't go past these adorable cupcake wrappers from the cupcake wrapper co. then why not fill them up with lollies and decorate with a custom designed cupcake topper (you can find these at our online shoppe www.candysoirees.com.au ). Here we have filled this polka dot design with yummy milk bottles......an all time favourite lolly.
These clever cupcake wrappers are also available from our online shoppe in a range of colours and patterns.

Noodle boxes are always a great idea and inexpensive way of creating a fun party favour. Here we used a White noodle box with an acetate window....These were created for a little boys 1st birthday and all the babies were given these decorated with traditional gingham ribbon and filled with a cute rubber bath time toy and a selection of baby snacks rather than lollies  ......The mums loved them and so did the babies :)

soccer fever is here....the world cup has encouraged many little boys to take up soccer and so the soccer parties have become popular again......If you like the traditional lolly bag, why not consider a fabric lolly bag, make your own or take a peek at our gingham lolly bags that are available on our online shoppe Here we have used our soccer cupcake toppers to decorate the lolly bags and add to the soccer party theme of this birthday.

Lolly bags and party favours are so much fun to make, so we hope that these ideas have helped you, but we also understand that some mums and dads are just too busy with all the details of a child's birthday soiree...so feel free to contact us at candy soirees and we will be happy to help you with the petite details of your child's next soiree.

Happy soirees xx

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