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Friday, July 23, 2010

HARAH means Happiness......Let us show you why.......

We always talk about the Bride but what about those gorgeous bridesmaids who stand by the bride....help her with the wedding plans, support her in times of need.....organises her hens night, help her into her exquisite gown and runs after her on the day to make sure her dress is perfect and her make up is still radiant.

Bridesmaids are usually a selection of family or closest and dearest friends and to be asked to be one is an extreme honour not to mention an exciting opportunity to to have girly lunches with the bride on the quest to find the perfect dress, shoes, wedding invites, flower arrangements etc etc.......But the most exciting for the bridesmaid is the dress.....and we are not talking about the hoop hem dress with 10 layered frills and over sized bows, we are talking about Glamour, style.......FASHION!

So we want to show you something that will help you with your search for that must have bridesmaid dress.
Now for those of  you who know us you would have realised by now that we love all things vintage inspired....which leads us to H A R A H  Designs. An Australian designer who makes amazing and unique dresses crafted from classic vintage fabrics. The talented designer, Maria is inspired by all eras, 30's 40's 50's but she also has designs reminiscent of the 70's 80' and 90's. Maria and I worked together many moons ago in the design industry and I have experienced first hand her design flare and talent....so we just have to share with you her beautiful masterpieces.....

This dress below, is one Maria is custom making for me (so excited)  in a vintage Pink fabric that she kindly
sourced.......Finally I will own my own Harah design dress. I LOVE this dress.........

Select from Harah designs range or have Maria custom design and make for you as she is so accommodating and has the ability to translate someones vision into a breathtaking and unique piece....so if you are looking for bridesmaids that sream high end fashion and vintage glamour.....or even just for that special little number you must visit Maria at  HARAH designs  or you could simply visit her ebay store for a selection of her discount lines including accessories........so shop till you drop at HARAH designs.

Happy soirees xx


  1. gorgeous designs nikki love the whole collection x

  2. YES she is a very talented designer....can't wait to get my dress :)

  3. just gorgeous dresses, love them! very unique, simple and stylish x


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