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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vinatage kids are back in Style......

Remember the good old fashion birthday parties we used to have back on the 70's and 80's (yes I know I am showing my age)......there were no computer games, no Ben Ten and absolutely no Hannah Montana.....My memory takes me back to glorious parties set up in our back yard with decorative paper party hats, hand made paper chains, a table full of colourful treats and home baked birthday cakes. All the kids loved  the simplicity and fun of a home birthday party. I just loved the effort that my mum went to in order to create a memorable Birthday party for us.........
This is why I am delighted to see that Vintage Birthday Soirees for kids are back in Vogue......Polka dots, gingham's, colourful stripes...traditional paper plates, home made cakes, delectable cup cakes and candy buffets, are all on the design agenda for kids parties. More and more mums are becoming creative....I love it.

We have done some research and the most popular themes are anything Vintage Pink for girls, Tea parties, cupcake parties, Vintage planes, trikes and cars for boys, spooky parties, Pirate Parties......or a unisex "Roll....Roll....up....circus' them for all to enjoy.
Alternatively if you are after something a little less fussy but still gorgeous.....try the polka dot party, pick your child's favourite colour and presto.....you have an amazing party theme and a happy little child.

Here are some simple yet effective ways to decorate you child party

Homemade paper Pin wheels:

Paper chains in different patterned paper.....Love this idea:

Fabric Bunting Flags:

We hope the image above inspire you to create the perfect little vintage soiree for your child's next birthday.....enjoy and come soiree with us :)

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  1. Absolutely love this - Im showing my age too ;)


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