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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Delicious m&m party...

Today's party feature is our very own m&m party designed and put together for a father and daughter birthday. Michael and Madelaine.....Dad is celebrating his milestone 40th birthday and little Princess Maddie turned 2. As they share the same initials we decided on a cute and fun m&m party to help these two celebrate their special day. Happy birthday Michael and Maddie, hope the day if filled with lots of fun and yummy candy.

The table was filled with a selection of m&m flavours for all to enjoy, and a simple white table cloth was decorated with strands of colourful and textured ribbons.

Personalised m&m candy jar labels designed by candy soirees

colourful and delicious m&m cupcakes

Large colourful balloons in the standard m&m colours were arranged behind the table as a feature.

mini yummy jelly cups...all colour co ordinated to match the colour scheme.

This was such a fun party to set up, and I just love that Dad celebrated his 40th with his little princess.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous work Niki, love every detail. xx

  2. Looks so beautiful! Tomorrow I will to do one "m&m" theme party!


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